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What is MTM?
MTM, or medication therapy management, is a structured set of services provided by a pharmacist. These services or designed to help prevent medication errors, avoid side effects, and save you money.

What is a Concierge Pharmacist?
Concierge Pharmacist also known as Medication Therapy Management (MTM) is a service where a pharmacist can review your medications with you. This service will ensure you are taking the most appropriate medications and enhance your understanding of your drug therapy.

Who can use The Concierge Pharmacist?

Although MTM is designed for people over the age of 65 years who have multiple disease states and medications, anyone can use The Concierge Pharmacist for help with their medication regimens. The Concierge Pharmacist can help reduce unwanted side effects, spot potential problems, and save money on healthcare expenses.

What are the benefits of MTM?

The MTM service allows you to speak directly with a medication expert about your specific drug therapy. This service provides an open line of communication between you, your physician, and your pharmacist to ensure your health needs are being optimally met. This service is ideal for many people, especially those who are on multiple medications and who see several different doctors. Meeting with your Concierge Pharmacist gives you the opportunity to have a complete assessment of your medications and address concerns you may have with your drug therapy. Additionally, the MTM service can serve as a substitute for another physician office visit when you have questions concerning drug therapy. The pharmacist is able to contact your physician regarding changes in your drug therapy if warranted.

How are MTM services billed?

At Medication Therapy Management Solutions, MTM services can be billed to Medicare Part D if covered Just provide your Medicare information to The Concierge Pharmacist, and we’ll take care of the rest. A few private insurance plans also provide these benefits for you, but most do not. In these cases, you would need to pay for each service provided yourself. Services range from $XX up to $ZZZ. What other services do Medication Therapy Management Solutions offer to help me manage my medications?

Information for individuals taking multiple medications:

Information on Medicare Services: